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Spread Footing Analysis & Design Charts:

Concentric Load:

Eccentric Loads:

Footing Design:

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Concrete Beam Design Charts:

Beam Shear Design

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Concrete Column Design Charts:

Interaction Diagram Points:

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Concrete Column Interaction Diagrams


Design concrete columns never been simpler. Click here for ready-to-use column strength interaction diagrams

Introduction to Spread Footing Analysis and Design Charts

Spread Footing Charts in Bullets:

  • All code provisions are listed, where applicable, on the charts for quick reference.
  • Analysis assume rigid footing condition, resulting in a uniform soil pressure for concentric load, and a triangular or trapezoidal soil pressure for eccentric loading (combined axial and bending)
  • Establish preliminary size under service loads, and proportion rectangular footing dimensions, if required, around a rectangular column.
  • Calculate in one single equation one-way shear, two-way shear, and design moment, under factored loads, respectively.
  •  Cover separately the two most common eccentricity conditions, where e<L/6 flexural equations are used, and for e>L/6 equilibrium equations are used.
  • Drive the nominal shear strength of the concrete for both beam shear (one way) and punching shear (two way, or slab shear). Alternatively, provide reference to the code provisions where shear reinforcement may be used in case of factored shear force exceeds nominal concrete shear strength with restricted footing depth.
  • Calculate required flexural reinforcement ratio and compared it with the minimum and maximum permitted by code, and provide required tension reinforcement, and calculate rebar development length.
  • Address axial force transfer at the column base (for compression only), and fully detailing the dowels design and development length required into footing and column.
  • Include sketches illustrating the subject under investigation.
  • Include notations sheet explaining in details all symbols used in the chars.  




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